Our Story

My Organic Sheets was founded in 2016 with a simple mission: drive a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle by producing sheets that feel comfortable, inside and out. 

Our approach is to find the top quality materials, manufacture the awesome products, bypass the costs like wholesaling and storefronts. And then pass the savings on to you.

Core Values

1. Amazing Quality

We seek the most superior source of bamboos and partner with the leading factories for production of these silky-soft fabrics.

2. Traceable Chain

The origin of our bamboos is traceable, so you and your family is confident that our products are truly organic, pure and chemical-free.

3. Hassle-free experience

Sleep on our sheets for 30 days without risk. If there're not something you are looking for, just return them for a full refund.

4. Eco-craftsmanship

We believe in sustainability. Each bedsheet was made with respect for those resources that make the magic happen.

Learn About Our Materials

From seeds to sheets, learn more about the single
ingredients of your night's.
Dried into sheets
Milled into Viscose & Thread

Our Bamboo Bedsheets


100% viscosefrom bamboo makes our silky-soft bedsheetstwice as soft as cotton, giving customers the most comfortable and luxurious sleeping experience on the planet.


Our fabrics are free of  pesticides and harmful chemicals. Plus bamboo naturally repels allergens and odors, which will protect your skin from any irritations. Now relax!


Every bamboo fiber is athermostat, naturally wicking moisture away underneath an insulating layer. Our bamboo sheets will keep you cool both literally and figuratively!


Bamboo regenerates itself and has a wide range of environmental application. It cleans out air, strengthness our soil, reuses the waste water etc.

My Organic Sheets provides you with the most comfortable and luxurious sleeping experience – free of pesticides and harmful chemicals, and with the least negative impact to our beautiful planet. 

Our Mission

Do you know your environmental footprint?

Yeah, neither did we. But a few years ago, we decided to dig a little deeper and realized it was much greater than we thought. As much effort and consciousness we tried to achieve for the sake of our planet, we realized that the greatest foresight in the matter often came from some very simple household items.

The textile industry is the one that made the greatest impact on our outlook, so we chose to do something about it.
Here are a few facts we stumbled upon along the way:  

  •  # gallons of water it takes to create one set of bedsheets
  • Tons of waste generated
  • Liters of chemicals used  
  • We knew we wanted make a difference so we decided to get down and dirty to revolutionize the bedding industry.

    Today, we strive to provide eco-conscious, healthy, and high-quality options for those who want to reduce their own environmental footprint – and give back to our beautiful planet. 

      Our Commitment to Our Customers 

      The highest quality: Sustainability isn’t just a question of environmental impact – we can’t forget the 1st R of the three Rs of Recycling: REDUCE. We’re committed to offering the highest quality possible to make sure our products stand the test of time.

      Integrity and transparency: In today’s consumption-driven society, marketing can be a little… misleading. We want you to know what we say is true, which is why the origin of our raw material is always traceable.

      The best shopping experience: Our number one goal is to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase and can sleep easy. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return them within 30 days and get a full refund.

      Respect for planet Earth: We’ll never be perfect, but we go to great lengths to make sure we replenish whatever we’ve taken from our beautiful planet. After all, she’s the one who makes the real magic happen.

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